Syria Blogger Tal Mallohi Parents Refused Visitation After Promises!

Posted: سبتمبر 26, 2010 in Uncategorized


Mother of Tal Mallohi, the 19-year-old blogger and student detained in Syria withoutimage charge or access to the outside world since the end of last year, was denied visitation to her daughter today. Ahed Mallohi has received a call last Thursday informing her that her daughter is in Duma women prison in Damascus and that she can visit her on Sunday.

At the gate of the prison, Ahed Mallohi, was told that she will not be able to see her daughter, who she hasn’t seen in almost a year, until she provide a signed approval of her visitation by the security agency in Syria. (Dp News – Syria).

The reaction from Arab human rights activist for such news was mixed with pessimism and worries about the fate and health of Tal.

Dp-News is known for its close ties to Syria’s Assad government and has was the first to report, last week, that Tal Mallohi was detained in Duma prison for “spying activities”.


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